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ChargingBlok Dongmei, See you on Feb. 12

The ChargingBlok Dongmei Supercharging Station, located near Hsinchu Gongdao 5 Interchange, officially begins its trial operation on February 12, 2023! It is only three minutes away from Hsinchu Gongdao 5 Interchange, close to Hsinchu Science Park and Guanpu Living Circle, with an excellent location that is convenient for Hsinchu local vehicle owners and the passengers passing by the super highway. The high-recognition exterior creates a profound first impression.

To serve the majority of EV models in Taiwan, the station has installed 2 200kW superchargers and 2 11kW AC charger with a total of 6 charging spaces in a spacious and comfortable 800-square-meter space. It provides CCS1, CCS2, and J1772 connectos, and is equipped with the Aktzin charging management platform developed by BlockCert Technology, supporting plug-and-charge services without QR code scanning. LINE APP is used as the membership interface, eliminating the need to install additional apps. This optimizes the charging process for each vehicle owner, achieving the best experience of simplicity and efficiency.

During the trial period, special promotions are offered, with DC fast charging at 7 TWD per kWH and AC charging at 6 TWD per kWh. All EV owners are welcome to experience the best charging service.

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